Community arts projects

Creative Rock can work with local groups; for example, schools, councils and local associations to design and create community art pieces. The benefits of working in these types of art projects (from a community point of view) are numerous:
  • Involvement from children, parents, teachers or anyone in the community in the design stage so they can feel real ownership of the work and see their own designs come to reality.
  • Collaboration between authorities, the community and local artists brings a stronger sense of community.
  • For children and young adults, the collaboration actually assists in learning and development through creative education, the benefits of which are well documented.
  • As well as decorative and artistic provision, they can also be practical projects that can be used by the community (e.g. a dinosaur dig where skeleton fossils are created in a gravel pit)
  • Environmental issues would be discussed in each project and recycling, reclaiming and up-cycling are explored as part of the design and creation process. For example, waste building materials can be used to create the substrate in some instances, therefore promoting recycling and up-cycling of waste within the community.
  • Low relief wall murals are ideal in school settings. Illustrated themes and ideas from the curriculum can be faithfully replicated from pupilsí drawings. With our medium, we can sculpt anything from huge lifelike dinosaurs to more abstract sculptural works. Pupils can work with the team through all concept, design, planning and construction processes.

    Visitor Centres and Attractions

    The flexibility of our materials means that virtually anything can be created in concrete (look at Disney theme parks as an example). So, whether it's caves, signs, murals, sculptures, statues, landscapes, buildings or environments, they can all be made to look totally authentic either from the past, present or future.


    We can design and create your corporate artistic requirements, whether they be stone murals or features, signs, exhibition materials, promotional creations, Corporate logos, Coat of Arms or stone lecterns.

    For shop or restaurant fronts, a totally eye catching look can be achieved to make your business stand out and attract new custom.

    These are examples of relief sculpting: