Children's stuff

In this "picture this" section, these are some of the ideas we have for children's play items. These are custom built to suit the needs of you and your children, again with stunning realism.

For bedrooms, we also offer 3D relief wall carvings of animals, pets, film and cartoon characters, sporting themes etc. Imagine, for example, a stonework window frame with a horse's head slightly protruding over the stone! Unfortunately, we don't have any samples to show you, but we're sure you get the idea.

So, if you fancy a railway rockscape or a war games landscape, look no further than Creative Rock. Again, if you can imagine it, it can happen.

Outdoor Play Planet

Forget the Wendy House - the Play Planet is constructed round a steel and wire-mesh frame, finished on the outside with a lunar landscape. There are even windows and doors cut into the craters.
Inside, it's finished like a cave, with stone seats and many mysterious alien fossils.

Outdoor play boulder

A hollow construction similar to the Play Planet, but in the form of a huge boulder or rockscape - can be built to fit in with your garden so it doesn't look out of place.
Your children can climb on it and jump off it. They can even play inside it like a den and it could have hidden rooms.
Rock on!

Climbing Wall

Fed up with bored or energetic children climbing on your furniture? Install a Creative Rock climbing wall or traversing wall in their room or on an outside wall. The real rock look comes as standard and climbing holds can be attached if required.

Princess Tower/Medieval Castle

Okay, Rupunzel, it's time to let down your hair and play!
Constructed to look like real castle stone, complete with arched doorway and arrow-slit windows.

Moonscape bedroom or playroom

Rockscape on the walls - and areas of the floor, if you wish. Planet Earth and other celestial objects embossed onto the night sky of the walls and ceiling, lit by spotlights. LED lights in the walls look like the stars. Add rock-like furniture, or custom build a space ship bed... you dream it and we'll build it!

Play tree

Another hollow construction that looks like a tree, with realistic tree bark. Has a tree-hollow door and an upper level with tree-hollow windows.