Patios, paths & floors

The only thing needed for the application of our floor overlay is a sound surface. Concrete, tar, concrete blocks and paviors are all ideal for a straight application.

For floors where potential movement is a problem, an underlay is used first, strengthened by a fibreglass matting. The fibre reinforced cement-based floor system can be applied over various surfaces such as wood, gypsum, vinyl and other exterior or interior floor surfaces. This system allows substrates to move (expand and contract) without affecting the overlay material, which has been very effective for wood decks and interior wood floors for kitchens, baths, foyers, dinning rooms, laundry rooms etc.
It can be sealed or coated with various sealers, urethanes or epoxies.

Our overlay can be pressed and formed with set moulds to give the appearance of real stonework or rock. Alternatively, after texturing, it can be cut by hand to form the pattern that the client desires. Colouring and antiquing are done prior to final sealing.

A floor can be personalised with carvings, Coats of Arms, mottos, logos, names or star signs (or anything else the client wants), by either carving, stencilling or moulding.

The system is also ideal in wet rooms and it fares better than tiling - because the floor, although looking just like cut stone, is actually a one-piece system.