Garden walls

Natural stone is the stimulus for our wall creations, where we use either a combination of mould sets and hand cutting or, in the ultimate form, pure texturing and hand cutting. Whatever the methods, the end product will look natural in its setting and environment.

Our creations can be overlaid on just about any surface and these fall into 3 main types: Existing walls in need of a facelift, coloured to blend in with the existing surroundings (for example, an old and tired brick wall, looks ugly but still structurally sound... this is much easier than demolishing it)

Where there is no wall, we can build (outside) a concrete block wall and place our finishings on this. On garden walls, we can also add coping stones to the top that suit the overall look.

The third type is where we build a framework and substrate using a number of different materials, then apply our Creative Rock techniques to produce a more dynamic and ornamental structure.

Concrete blocks placed and ready for work

The finished article

Copings and dry stack overlay on brick and block

Curved wall