Other applications

Home cinema room

The possibilities are endless - your ttelevision screen or projection screen mounted within a stone wall. Centre and front speakers also built into the wall or mounted onto the wall, depending on the type. If your budget allows, have the stone look on all of the walls, again building surround speakers into the structure.

Installation of Creative Rock walls vastly improves the acoustics of a room - the irregular shape of the formed stone is perfect for sound diffusion. The sound is reflected in multiple directions with less energy and, instead of an echo coming from a specific spot, that sound is spread throughout a larger area and ends up being weaker. The diffusion process also helps to eliminate "dead spots" in your room. Similarly, Creative Rock materials offer excellent soundproofing in your wall - partly for the same reason and partly due to the makeup of the materials and the rigidity of the structure, eliminating wall vibration. The materials are also Class A1 fire retardant. Aquarium Mounting / housing Tropical fish are stunning in the home or office creating an air of calm and adding colour and a focal point to a room. Imagine how your tank would look built in to a rock scape, either free standing in the floor or as part of a wall. We can build in secret doors for tank maintenance too!